Arthur Koehl

I am a recent graduate of the University of California at Davis where I studied a history, economics and computer science. Currently, I work as staff research data scientist at the Data Science Initiative. This page presents my main digital projects. To view my full resume, download it as a pdf resume.pdf.

email: avkoehl at ucdavis dot edu

Malgre-Nous - A Digital Initiative to Represent Their Story

Between 1942 to 1945, approximately 130,000 young men from Moselle and Alsace were conscripted into the German Army. They are called the "Malgre-Nous" (despite-us in English) in reference to the fact that they were fighting against their will for a country that was not their own. Most representations of the Malgre-Nous focus on their experiences on the eastern front, relying on personal memoirs and interviews. This web project takes a different approach to presenting the story of the Malgre-Nous. It seeks to lay the foundations for a more complete view of their experience by using data, maps, and visualizations to generate a more comprehensive picture of their presence on the multiple fronts in Europe during the Second World War.

dataset: avkoehl/malgre-locations

Archive-Vision - CBIR for Early Modern Image Sets

The digitization of historical image sets has vastly outpaced our ability to meaningfully search those sets. Archive-Vision (Arch-V) allows users to query a library of images using an existing image as a seed. Arch-V uses SURF feature detection and description to find scale and rotation invariant keypoints on images. The keypoints of the seed image are then compared with those of the images in the set. The matching keypoints are then filtered using their geometric descriptors and statistical methods. Using the robust matching keypoints, the best matching images to the seed image are found.

github: avkoehl/archive-vision

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